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Our Management Team


Michael Thompson


Michael Thompson began his career in 1992 at a legal technology company focused on providing computer networking solutions to law firms, including design, implementation, and support.

In 1999, he was hired by I-DEP, LLC to support the launch of the world’s first live deposition service to be streamed through the Internet. His primary responsibilities included the training of court reporting firms on I-DEP’s technology and introducing live internet deposition streaming to law firms and corporate counsel.

Mr. Thompson launched Thompson Court Reporters, Inc. in 2003. TCR has earned national recognition for their ability to manage complex, multi-district litigation services. Their veteran team of court reporters and videographers, located throughout the U.S., is a major component of the company’s success.

Mr. Thompson oversees daily operations, researches and implements new technology offerings, and maintains close contact with our clients.


Alma Corral

Nationwide Scheduling Manager

Alma Corral is well esteemed in the court reporting industry with over 15 years of direct experience including office management, scheduling, production, and billing.

Alma is primarily responsible for the nationwide and international scheduling of depositions, trials, and arbitrations.


Bruce Witty

Vice President - Video Services (retired)

Bruce Witty has been a legal video specialist for 15+ years. He has a background in video and audio production that stretches back more than three decades.

As the director of Thompson’s Video Department, he oversees all facets of video production including video recording, video encoding, video-text synchronization, digital editing, DVD/CD production, and video problem solving. Bruce also leads our pursuit of emerging video technologies.


Stephen Goethals

Director of Video Services

Stephen Goethals has been in the video industry for six years producing and editing video projects. He is a skilled and experienced legal video specialist with an extensive knowledge of technology, video, and audio equipment.

Stephen is responsible for video and audio recording, video-text synchronization, media encoding, video editing, DVD production, problem solving, and innovation.


Mitch Kacprzyk

Production Manager

Mitch Kacprzyk began his career in data and image processing, later to lead administrative projects and electronic document management.

Mitch is responsible for the entire transcript and exhibit production process including all electronic formats (LEF/XMEF/PDF/ASCII/E-Transcript), our web repository, and transcript conversion/editing.


Ann Rattin

Accounting Specialist

Ann Rattin began her career in educational publishing. Initially her work was focused in the realm of art & photo procurement, and after several years, she moved into design and project management.

In 2003, Ms. Rattin moved into project and operations management of an interactive design and development firm. Her main responsibilities included accounting and billing, contract negotiation, client and vendor management, human resources and benefits management.

Ann is responsible for all accounting matters, including invoices, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. She also assists with vendor and office management.


Louie DeGradi

Client Relations Manager

Louie DeGradi has three decades of experience providing services to the legal industry. He has an extensive information technology background, and strives to understand his clients’ unique & complex environments.

Louie maintains strong communication with his individual contacts, providing whatever support is needed to satisfy all requests. He is the lead vocalist and drummer in the TCR band!


Peter Mozdzierz

IT Support Manager

Peter Mozdzierz is a Network Systems Analyst, his information technology career includes over a decade of systems integration including infrastructure management and computer systems security. Peter earned a Master of Science in Information Technology from Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

As our lead technologist, Mr. Mozdzierz provides infrastructure design and support, maintains application security, and integrates new technology initiatives.


Michaela Loren Thompson

Future CEO

Michaela Thompson

Learning short hand at 3!

Born March 28th, 2014



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